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Mad Mattr: Create & Build Fun Pack


Mad Mattr: Master Builder Mini Extruder Set!


Mad Mattr: The Ultimate Brick Masker X6!


Mad Mattr 10oz.


String Along Lacing Kit and Pattern Cards


Playground Engineering & Design Building Set


Board Book: Feelings


Wood Puzzle & Play Set: Safari Jumle


Pop-Out: Outer Space


Beginner Puzzle: Pets


I Learn : On My Way To Reception (20 Educational Games)


Squiggly Worms


Cheese Stacking Games


Pin Ball Maze Escape


Freddy's Fun Head Game


Bunny Bedtime: The Make-A-Choice Games!


Monkey Around : The Wiggle & Giggle Game


Where's Bear?


Kiki Ricky" Game


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University Games Code:UG-01748
Product Name:

University Games Code:UG-53757
Product Name:Pluck the Ducks Shooting Gallery Game
  • Front Porch Classics brings you Pluck the Ducks Shooting Gallery Game
  • Who wants to hunt in rainy 40 degree weather when the entire family can now "shoot their limit" in the comfort of the living room?
  • Foldable shooting gallery platform opens up with a duck blind, retriever dog and bush cover, as well as 6 duck targets, popper and 8 soft foam popper balls
  • For 2 or more players


University Games Code:UG-53754
Product Name:Fish in a Barrel
  • More fun than a barrel of monkeys, Fish in a Barrel puts you against the timer
  • Link the fish head to tail before the timer runs out
  • Includes 8 fish (3 Bass, 3 Rainbow Trout, and 2 Muskie), a stringer and a 60 second timer, in a handy storage barrel
  • Fun for 2 - 4 players, age 5 and up
  • Front Porch Classics offers "unplugged family entertainment" that brings people together through play


University Games Code:UG-01807
Product Name:Hang On Harvey
  • Race to the bottom to win!
  • Be the first to get Harvey from the top to the bottom of the wall
  • Be careful - if Harvey falls, you have to start all over again!
  • Fun for 2 players, ages 6 and up


University Games Code:UG-53753
Product Name:Who Goosed the Moose Ring Toss Game
  • University Games presents their version of the classic ring toss challenge: Who Goosed the Moose?
  • Two Moose antlers mount to the barrel package rim to create a way-silly ring toss using soft colorful hoops
  • The game winner is determined by the player who rings the most antler horns
  • Moose antlers fold and fit back inside the barrel package for easy storage - Designed for 2 players
  • Parents, teachers, and care-givers know positive benefits of innovative, educational activities for hungry minds; University Games makes learning a whole lotta fun


University Games Code:UG-30140
Product Name:The Very Hungry Caterpillar Magnetic Wood Puzzle
  • Fun and challenging way to develop hand and eye coordination
  • Use the wand to feed The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Puzzle creates a 8.25" X 11.5" image


University Games Code:UG-01249
Product Name:The Very Hungry Caterpillar Spin & Seek ABC Game
  • The exciting game of letter-finding fun!
  • Based on the classic children's book, featuring Eric Carle's timeless characters and vibrant artwork
  • For 2 to 4 players, ages 3 and up
  • Contains one game board, one spinner, 52 image cards, 4 playing pieces, and instructions


University Games Code:UG-01101
Product Name:Bob Books Happy Hats Games
  • Play and read with Sam, Mat, Dot and Mit in this board game made just for beginning readers
  • Children explore letter names and sounds as they create simple words to help pave the path to reading success
  • Create over 160 words!
  • Reading is fundamental. Happy Hats makes it fun!
  • For 2 to 4 players, ages 4 and up


University Games Code:UG-06157
Product Name:I Spy Treasure Hunt Game
Detail:I Spy Treasure Hunt Game. Based on the best-selling I Spy book "Treasure Hunt". Use the special magnetic shovel to turn over stacked tiles to find your matching collection of buried treasure objects. Three levels to dig through and many ways to play. Makes even the youngest player want more treasure! Great game for both boys & girls. Scholastic brand is highly trusted among parents & educators.

Recommended for ages 5 years and up; 1 - 4 players.

Contents: 48 treasure tiles, special shovel with embedded magnet, game board, instructions for several ways to play for different skill levels, riddle fhymes to solve to extend the fun.

University Games Code:UG-01233
Product Name:Conveyor Belt

Product Description

Created by Franklin Wright, the winner of University Games' National Young Game Inventors Contest, Conveyor Belt is a game of strategy where the only thing that changes faster than the lead is the direction you're moving! Players move pawns along the conveyor belts and play special Belt cards to flip the arrows or even move the finish to a new place!

Age range: 6 and up / Number of players: 2 to 4

University Games Code:UG-01755
Product Name:Brain Quest: Find Your Friends
Gizmo and his Brain Quest friends come to life in this game of seek and find! Players race to find images of Gizmo and his Brain Quest friends in various disguises. The winner is the first and fastest to find the hidden characters. More than 100 images in all.


University Games Code:UG-01297
Product Name:The Very Hungry Caterpillar Twirl and Toss

Help The Very Hungry Caterpillar catch his lunch! Enjoy some fast-paced fun in this action-packed game starring The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Grab your plush fruit and be the first to land all three pieces on the twirling caterpillar to win. Every miss will have you on your feet, scrambling to gather your fruit and try again. Get ready for some Frolicking Fruit Fun!

 Results: 1-12 of 12  
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