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Learning Resources Code:LER-0371
Product Name:Step-by-Step Measurement Mat
Detail:Step right up for kinesthetic learning! Large vinyl floor mat features both customary and metric scales for measurement, comparison and conversion activities. Suggested activities included. Mat measures 12'L x 1'W.

Ages 6+

Learning Resources Code:LER-1469
Product Name:Bright Bites™ Alphabet Soup
Detail:Warm up to letters with irresistible alphabet soup! Bright Bites delivers children’s favorite foods, with a difference: the main ingredient of educational play. Stir this bowl of 26 chunky, colorful letter noodles and scoop them out to build the alphabet, identify colors, and practice early spelling and word formation. Large spoon is made for small hands to grasp (handle spans 1.5” across), while building formidable fine motor skills. This alphabet soup always hits the spot!

     • 26 Letters
     • 1 Spoon
     • 1 Bowl

Each letter measures between 1¼’’ and 1½’’ H

Grades: PreK+

Suggested Learning Activites:

Color and letter recognition: Have your child group the letters by color and identify each color. Then, name a letter from one of the color piles. See if your child can find the letter, place it on the spoon, and scoop it into the bowl.

Letter recognition: Place 3–5 letters in the bowl. Name a letter and have your child scoop it out with the spoon. If your child needs extra clues to find a letter, name the color or specify whether it has straight lines, curves, or both.


Learning Resources Code:LER-9279
Product Name:iTrax™ Game

A game of tactical tracking and speed! Use problem solving and a keen eye to find the path connecting 2 blocks. Then recreate the path as fast as you can with your own pieces. Watch out, though, your mind could be playing tricks on you! Three levels of play keep you challenged.
  • Includes 44 pieces, 25 double-sided pattern cards and Activity guide
  • Cards measure 8"L x 8"H


Learning Resources Code:LER-9075
Product Name:Learning Essentials™ Teaching Tac-Tiles™
Detail:Tactile learning is a bag full of fun! Colorful, engaging pieces with rich textures (smooth, bumpy, ridged, and rough) provide a great way to engage a child's senses and strengthen fine motor skills. Reach into the bag to find two matching shapes or textures only by touch, or follow the Activity Cards. Learn shape identification while building vocabulary, and early math skills. Includes 20 pieces in 5 shapes and 4 textures, and 10 Activity Cards. Shapes measure 2"H.

Learning Resources Code:LER-7732
Product Name:Learning Essentials™ 1-10 Counting Owls Activity Set
Detail:Whoo wants to count? Stack these colorful owls to match the numbers (1–10) on the branch to build early counting skills and one-to-one correspondence. Children become wise as an owl as they explore color identification, sorting and patterning, number and quantity relationships, and much more! Includes 25 stacking owls, 1 branch, spinner, and 10 Activity Cards to make early math a hoot. Owls measures 1¾"H; branch measures 13¼"L.

Learning Resources Code:LER-7727
Product Name:Learning Essentials™ Magnetic Counting Garden Puzzles
Detail:Grow early counting skills! Each magnetic puzzle helps children practice counting from 1–5 with the right number of pieces to make each garden friend. A fun way to build number recognition and early counting skills. Includes 5 puzzles, each measuring 4"H when complete.

Learning Resources Code:LER-2446
Product Name:Primary Science Color Mixing Glasses
Detail:Take a look! These unique child–size glasses and interchangeable lenses let students observe the world while learning about color.

  • Features 8 easy–to–change lenses—2 each of red, yellow and blue and distortion lenses that let you see the world like a bug

  • Teaches primary colors as well as mixing to make secondary colors by combining up to 2 lenses per side

  • Allows additional instruction and kaleidoscopic fun when you use the lenses on their own

  • Includes color–mixing chart

  • Durable plastic glasses are sized just right for children, and wipe clean with a damp cloth


Learning Resources Code:LER-1767
Product Name:10 to the Top Addition Game
Detail:Don’t topple the tower! Players race to make 10 by stacking a number cube on top of the last one placed for a fun way to build early addition skills. It’s a game of quick thinking and steady hands. How high can you go? Stack all of your cubes first, and win! Includes 30 durable, soft foam cubes for easy stacking and quiet game play. Cubes measure 1” x 1”.

Learning Resources Code:LER-8921
Product Name:Hide-n-Go Fish™

The fish are hiding…where can they be? Reach inside, but don’t try to see! Unique bowl features vinyl flaps over the opening so you can’t peek! Reel in 9 fish in 3 different colors and sizes—great for tactile awareness. Then snap the fish together like pop beads for fine-motor practice and play.
    •    Includes 10 pieces: 9 fish and 1 bowl
    •    Safe for toddler play (2+)

Learning Resources Code:LER-7410
Product Name:Smart Snacks® Counting Cookies™ Game
Detail:Fun board game teaches number sense, number identification, counting (1-10), matching and following directions. Double-sided cookie jar cards offer two levels of play.

     • Game board
     • 4 double sided cookie jars
     • 50 cookies
     • Spinner
     • Activity guide
Game board measures 13.75”D
For 2-4 players

Learning Resources Code:LER-6906
Product Name:Light ‘N’ Strike Math® Game

• Electronic game
     • Mallet
Requires 4 AA batteries, not included

Math - Students learn how to sequence the steps to solve each equation. This takes visual processing, patience, focus, mental math and physical response.

Math - Learn at your own pace. Students can continue at each level until they are comfortable with their skills to advance. This takes the pressure off and lets them revisit a successful level to boost confidence and muster courage to take on the next challenge.

• Electronic game
     • Mallet

Requires 4 AA batteries, not included - See more at: https://www.learningresources.com/product/light+--8216-n--8217-+strike+math--174-+game.do?from=Search&cx=0&query=6906#sthash.ZAX0qDcI.dpuf


Learning Resources Code:LER-5963
Product Name:Squeezy Tweezers™
Squeeze this tool in the middle to open the tweezers and strengthen muscles in little hands and fingers! A perfect picker-upper that also builds the hand strength necessary for good fine-motor skills.

Includes 6 tweezers in 6 different colors.

Squeeze this tool in the middle to open the tweezers and strengthen muscles in little hands and fingers! A perfect picker-upper that also builds the hand strength necessary for good fine-motor skills.

Includes 6 tweezers in 6 different colors. - See more at: https://www.learningresources.com/product/squeezy+tweezers--8482-.do?query=5963#sthash.NegjrpP6.dpuf


Learning Resources Code:LER-4963
Product Name:Handy Scoopers™

     • 4 Handy scoopers in assorted colors
     • Resealable bucket for storage

Fine Motor- Helps develop eye-hand coordination by grabbing small manipulatives or snacks with the Handy Scoopers.
Sensory Integration- Use the Handy Scoopers in a sand box or water table to discover how the different substances sift through the holes of the Handy Scoopers.

Learning Resources Code:LER-9247
Product Name:New Sprouts® Camp Out!
Product Description
Gather around the campfire! Every day can be a campout with this adventurous set. Little ones can safely build a fire, roast a hot dog and have s’mores! Both the marshmallow and the hot dog fit on the fork for roasting. The glow-in-the-dark lantern adds to the adventure, day or night. When finished, all the pieces store in the handy duffle bag. Plastic pieces are soft and durable for long-lasting fun!

     • 2 Logs with flame
     • 1 Lantern
     • 1 Fork
     • 1 Hot dog
     • 1 Marshmallow
     • 1 Chocolate bar
     • 2 Graham crackers
     • 1 Duffle bag

Duffle bag measures 9”L x 5”W

Grades: Toddler+


Learning Resources Code:LER-3372 (72)
Product Name:All About Me Family Counters™, Set of 72

   • Use with our other All About Me products to help students strengthen their expressive and receptive language while learning to talk about feelings and emotions.

   • Grades PreK+
- See more at: http://www.learningresources.com/product/all+about+me+family+counters-trade-%2C+set+of+72.do?sortby=bestSellers&sortby=&&from=Search#sthash.tvRHpW8P.dpuf Product Description
   • Meet a real multi-tasking family of manipulatives! Help young children learn all about themselves and their families.

   • This fun, colorful set is also great for counting, sorting, number and quality relationships, and patterning.

   • Perfect to coordinate with the popular “All About Me” classroom theme.

   • Set of 72 counters come in 6 different shapes and colors to represent the people and pets in families

   • Tallest figure measures 2.5"H

   • Use with our other All About Me products to help students strengthen their expressive and receptive language while learning to talk about feelings and emotions.

   • Grades PreK+


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